Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby High!

im sure there are many drug addicts out there are women, albeit their number are smaller than men. some are hooked because of their husbands, some cause of work and some are just hooked, no explainations needed.

we had a few female clients here at our centre. 4 registered and only 2 are active while we lost the other 2. of the 2 active one is mom with 2 healthy kids; one she conceived prior to entering the program and another while in the program.

it is important that the women who are pregnant continues their treatment, as said several guidelines outside malaysia. the client must at all time kept on an optimum dosage, enough to chase the withdrawals away. clients having withdrawals can cause miscarriage.

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Methadone Centers - Myths and Misconceptions

Lets talk about the things that people are thought are cause by methadone. here is a few misconception with answers i have taken from

the hightlights are my comments.

Methadone Centers - Myths and Misconceptions:
Myth 1: Methadone gets to your bones!
"Pain in your muscles or joints is a symptom of opiate withdrawal. If an addict's dose is incorrect or if the patient continues to use mood-altering substances in addition to methadone, their standard dose may be insufficient and they could suffer mild withdrawal symptoms.

Myth 2: Methadone gets to your teeth!
This is a consequence of a long period of time in active addiction. Few heroin addicts clean their teeth regularly or go for dental checkups. Many addicts also consume a lot of sugar. Finally, inadequate nutrition will fail to keep teeth, gums and bones healthy. methadone can cause dry mouth as a result the oral area are less protected by the saliva which are heavy with cleansing properties.

Myth 3: Methadone depletes calcium supplements!
There is no scientific proof whatsoever that methadone depletes calcium in the body. This can be attributed largely to poor nutrition. To look for the real culprit in calcium depletion, addicts need to look no further than a much more common drug: Caffeine. Caffeine, in coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate has been proven to deplete calcium.

Myth 4: Methadone turns me into a zombi!
Stabilized methadone patients cannot be distinguished from non-methadone patients in terms of their ability to think, experience emotions or engage in physical activity. It has been remarked that many methadone patients are lazy and unmotivated. Instead of looking at methadone as the cause, it is better examine the individuals' lifestyle. Low energy and lack of motivation often comes from depression and hopelessness.

Methadone blocks heroin withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It does not find a person a job, deal with past trauma or guilt from past actions, and teach a person how to deal with painful emotions or how to relate well to others. These things are only learned in living life free of active addiction.

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i had wanted to do this for a very long time.

compiling notes and experience of being the methadone maintainance program for the ministry of health malaysia.

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